Our Staff

Senior Pastor

Dr. Terry Crist,
Judith Crist,
Barbara Haley, Assistant to Terry Crist,

Downtown Phoenix Campus

Jon Shepherd, Campus Ministries Pastor,
Frances Shepherd, Campus Ministries Pastor,
Bobby Brewer, City of Grace Singles Pastor,

James Thorpe, Campus Manager,

Mesa Campus

David Hinman, Campus Ministries Pastor,
Lissa Hinman, Campus Ministries Pastor,

Joani Castillo, Pastor of Central Ministries,
Jose & Elizabeth Cruz, Latino Ministries Pastors,
Greg Dille, Connect Groups, Seniors Pastor,
Josue Sanchez, Youth Director,
Debbie Hay, Grace Kids Children’s Director,
Cate Houglum, Campus Manager,
Susan Knapp, Mesa Ministries Assistant,
Carol Stout, Administrative Assistant,
Tena Mayo, Receptionist,

Scottsdale Campus

Tom Moffett, Campus Ministries Pastor,
Ruth Mitchell, Care Pastor,
Lyn Van Ommeren, Care Pastor,
Jill McLaughlin, Campus Manager,
Tyler Crist, Youth Director,
Karna Lliteras, Grace Kids Children’s Director,
Lovell George, Receptionist,

Business Services

Jason Lliteras, Business Administrator,
Jill McLaughlin, HR Director,
Glenda Miller, Accountant,


Joshua Crist, Creative Director,
George Chadwick, Worship Pastor,
Chris Misterek, Worship Pastor,
Rena Brown, Worship Director,
Andrea Kollberg, Media Director,
Karna Lliteras, Communications Director,


Katie O'Dell, Local Outreach and Global Missions,
Michelle Rycroft, Outreach Admin. Asst.,